Monday, August 26, 2013

Teamwork: Untangling the Human Knot

4th Grade Teamwork


Our instructional coach facilitated a team-building activity during last week’s Professional Learning Community meetings. Each grade level team was charged with the task of untying the Human Knot. As the teams of teachers worked together to get untangled, teamwork was evident. There was cooperation, communication, and a few laughs along the way. When discussing the activity afterward, each team recognized that it takes all of them working together to solve a problem. Here are a few of their comments. “This helps us see the big picture and that it is not always all about me.” “We worked together to squeeze through uncomfortable situations to get to where we needed to be.” “We had to listen to each other, communicate, and take risks.” “We had to persevere and keep trying things out.” “We had to trust each other.” As our grade level teams embark on the school year, it will be critical for them to keep these values at the forefront of their working relationship. It is also vital that they build this same sense of community, cooperation, and teamwork in their own classrooms.


4th Grade Gets Untangled

Kindergarten Teamwork