Thursday, November 14, 2013

Teach Like a Pirate Day

We embraced Teach Like a Pirate Day on October 23.  As a part of our book study, groups of teachers had to perform skits and teach the rest of the staff about their assigned letter/word from the book.  They did not disappoint!    

Pre-K Pirates
We had classroom scenarios, dancing, singing, and some very dramatic reenactments.  I was so very proud of everyone for bringing the pirate spirit to the day.  The students and parents were unaware of our planned theme, so you can imagine the looks we got as the students entered the building for their day of learning.
Kindergarten Pirates
There were many pirate-themed activities for the students such as a kindergarten treasure hunt that included students using a map to find their way to the front office where a treasure box waited with coins that had to be counted and recorded.

3rd Grade Pirates

4th Grade Pirates
5th Grade Pirates

1st Grade Pirates

2nd Grade Pirates

We have challenged our staff to continue to keep the PIRATE spirit alive in their lessons each day!  Aarrrgh!

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